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13th June | PIRC Corporate Governance Conference 2014 - London

Shareholder Engagement - Influencing Change: Our Annual CG Conference explores the issues and directions that encompass the current agenda of shareowner activism across a range of investment, ESG and governance arenas.

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Jun 13, 2014
from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, E1 8GP

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As the focus on shareholder engagement intensifies PIRC’s Annual Corporate Governance conference explores the content and diversity of engagement and what role it now plays in asset owner and asset manager strategies.


The day to day pressures on asset owners from funding levels, regulatory changes and investment return volatility, mean that engagement activities are often at the back of the queue for trustee attention. The relentless short term pressures of performance and competition often pressurise asset managers to seek simple answers to difficult issues of company governance and adding long term value for clients.

Our Annual CG Conference explores the issues and the strategies that comprise the current agenda of shareowner activism in different arenas.


PRI CEO Fiona Reynolds leads the largest collective engagement body in the capital market today.Evaluating the challenges facing PRI on engagement will set scene for our deliberations. Other speakers will bring their unique views to the debate. Two sessions on the day will bring new perspectives to how asset owners can engage with two of the most difficult public policy questions of the day: impact investing and options for the UK's housing crisis. Many contributors and benficiaries are asking what their savings vehicles bring to solving these intractable dilemmas.


More companies are beginning to grow their implementation and experiences of board diversity, we ask what next for engagement on this prescient of investment issues.


Helena Morrissey of Newton reflects on what has been achieved and what is still to be done. With the 'cost of living crisis' mantra seeping further into the public's consciousness, we discuss what can workplace democracy add to the debate about raising all boats at work, and how should asset owners respond to the implications for how company governance might change?


In addition, we identify employee share ownership as a key criterion for improving company performance and enhancing corporate governance in UK companies.

Another fundamental shift in the landscape of modern capital markets is the rise of DC retirement provision. We debate the implications for scheme governance and corporate governance of this landmark development.


Finally, PIRC has been at the forefront of highlighting the important implications for shareowners of the so-called "Hacking scandals".


We provide tje latest analysis asset owners need to know and debate the implications for not only "press freedom" and trust and ethical behaviour at our largest listed mediacompanies.


Speaker include:


Deborah Hargreaves, Director, High Pay Centre

Fiona Reynolds, CEO, PRI

Annie Healy, Head of Business Development, BESTrustees

Harlan Zimmerman, Cevian Capital


Janet Williamson, TUC

Helena Morrissey, Newton Investments

Cllr Kieran Quinn, Chair, LAPFF

Cllr Richard Greening, Chair, Islington Pension Fund


Leon Boros, WorkMatters Consulting

Henry Tapper, First Actuarial

Evan Harris, Hacked Off


Conducted with the support and assistance of Robbin Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP


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