Focusing on the ‘S’ in ESG


It is a common observation that progress on the ‘S’ in ESG has been weakest. Although many investors have undertaken significant work on topics such as climate change, their commitment to social issues is limited, particularly in relation to employment-related factors.


PIRC is committed to making a difference. We have in-house specialists with deep knowledge of both workplace issues, and worker organisations, and how these can interact with capital markets. We have extensive experience of analysis of and engagement on social issues, and we have long-standing relationships with many unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations.


Our team is able to offer advice and support to both workers and their representatives and investors to develop their approach.


Areas we have advised on include:

• Crafting the investor case for addressing company-specific and thematic S issues
• Investor commitment (or lack of it) to addressing labour issues
• Understanding capital markets and opportunities for influence


Work for our clients on the impact of Covid-19 on workers in food production has featured in the national press and been raised in parliament.


In 2020 we also launched the first (and only) employment-focused ESG newsletter. This is available free to PIRC clients and labour and labour-related organisations, and is available by subscription for others.


If you are an organisation seeking to focus investor attention on an issue, or an investor wanting to develop your approach to workplace ESG issues, we can help. Contact Alice Martin, Labour Specialist, PIRC in the first instance. Email